Beautiful Roasted Vegetables and Beans

1 chopped sweet pepper

1 chopped tomato

1/2 chopped onion

6 cloves pealed garlic

1 chopped cucumber

Fresh Kale leaves-several handfuls

1/2 can black beans-drained

Course salt and pepper

Dried garlic granules

A few tablespoons of Olive oil

Reduced balsamic vinigar (balsamic vinigar that has been boiled for 5 min)

1) Heat the oven to 450

2) Chop and toss the tomato and vegetables (except black beans) on a large flat tray.

3) Spinkle the veggies with garlic granules, salt, pepper, and drizzle with olive oil.

4) After 20 minutes of roasting in the oven, add the black beans into the mix and give a slight stir.

5) After 10 minutes, remove vegetables from oven and cool about 10 minutes.

6) Drizzle veggies with the reduced balsamic and enjoy!

Roasting vegetables is an excellent way to preserve the nutrients since their is no leaching of vitamins into the water.

Roasting also brings out the flavor of the veggies. And they are so beautiful in rich colors. They aquire a nutty flavor which is a personal favorite.

Throwing in a protien like beans, meat, fish, or quinoa can make roasted vegetables into a complete meal.

Almost any vegetable can be roasted. And multititude of seasonings can be added for flavor. For example, roasted sweet potatoes with nutmeg and butter are great for autumn. Handfuls of kale with olive oil and salt is also delicious. Cubed red potatoes with olive oil, rosemary and salt is my husband’s favorite roasted vegetable.

Enjoying the season’s varieties of vegetables is a flavorful adventure.