Weekly Laundry Patterns

Laundry is a never-ending task. I always have a load to wash. If my patterns in life change, my loads pile up quickly.
Like my dinner menu guide, I developed a system that works for me, even when I miss a day. I can pick up where I left off and keep on track.

Monday-Weekend Laundry
This is my biggest laundry day of the week. Because I rest from laundry on Sunday, there is an extra day of clothing to wash. I do not schedule sheets, towels, or any extras on Monday. It is strictly to get the laundry from the hampers washed, dried, pressed if needed, and put away. I also try to stay home on Mondays. If I fall behind in Monday’s laundry, the week gets off-balance.

I still empty the hampers in the house and do the regular clothing laundry, but I add bath towels in a load as well.

Wednesday-Slow Day
This is the day that I have the least laundry all week. Usually only one or two loads is all I need wash.

Thursday-Master Bedroom
I wash the clothes from the hamper in the master bedroom as well as the sheets. I do not do the children’s laundry.

Friday-Children’s Laundry
I wash the sheets and dirty bedding from the children’s room. And I wash all the laundry from the children’s baskets on Fridays.

Saturday-Extra Laundry Day
Fridays are often busy with laundry and errands. So if I am unable to get the children’s sheets washed on Friday, that is what I do on Saturday. I will also throw in the hamper clothes from the Master bedroom. My goal is to have all the laundry baskets empty, and all the dirty laundry washed, dried, pressed, and in its place when Saturday draws to an end. On the occasions I don’t meet my goal, the laundry waits until Monday.

Sunday-I don’t do laundry. I rest from that daily task, unless of course there is an urgent need to wash something.