Sunday Evening Snacktime

We started a tradition when my children were little. Actually, it was a tradition in my home when I grew up. I just kept it for my family. Instead of having a regular dinner Sunday evening, we snack.

I simply pull out whatever I have and lay out a spread for the evening. Very often, that spread includes a bowl of popcorn. Always fresh cut veggies and fruit are in the table. And some protiens like cubed cheese, ham, boiled eggs, or peanut butter on sprouted wheat bread.

My children are allowed one sweet after they have eaten an ample amount of veggies and protien. The sweet may be cookies, an ice-cream cone, or a leftover dessert we have on hand.

I love the Sunday evening spread because it takes the brainwork out of the evening meal. I find it nice to always know we are simply having snacks and no forethought is needed.

I also find it nice to have the veggies prepped for the week. I chop up a lot of veggies Sunday night. What isn’t eaten, I can use the upcomibg week for omelets, lunches, salads, casseroles, and snacking. It is nice to have washed and cut veggies ready for use.

Sunday evening is also a good time to eat up leftovers. I can cut up leftover pizza, peanut butter play-doh, deli meats, hot-dogs, and warm up rolls, or muffins.

My children like to graze Sunday evenings. They look forward to an evening of stress free eating. Other than eating protien and veggies, there are no limits to what they can have and they will not be made to eat something they don’t like. They also can eat all evening long which is simply fun.

Sometimes we get together with other couples to play games Sunday evening. It is easy for me to prep and a fun way to share an evening with friends too.

If we do invite guests, I will probably plan a little more as to what snacks we have for the evening and include more protien like chicken wings or chicken salad on croissants.

And that is it, my non-complicated, relaxing tradition for Sunday evening.