Ministering Through Physical Senses in the Home

Every home I have entered has a different cultural feel. I love experiencing the lives of those I know inside the doors of their homes. Each house has a smell, a feel, a cuisine, and look about it. What is inside a home is completely based upon the lifestyle, background, and purpose of those inside who make the home. Every home is so different. I can visit a home in India and would find the sight, tastes, smells, surfaces, and sounds would be vastly different from my home in the States. Yet, my neighbor next door also has a home that is vastly different in culture than my own home.

As a home-maker, I do purposefully create the atmosphere of my home, and yet, there are some aspects that are a natural flow from the lifestyle we have such as living in America, living for the Lord, home-schooling, having children that are not yet teens, eating healthy foods, having specific spending budgets…the list of what makes our home what it is enormous. Even each addition to our home has altered its dynamics in marriage, in the birth of each child…

Absolutly the Spiritual base of a home are the first to pour through into souls. I believe, how we have chosen to live in accordance with Scripture has had the greatest impact in the feel of our home. It is a markedly faith based home from the conversations we hold, to the Scriptures on the walls in every room, our choices for entertainment, from the things we dedicate our time to do, how we treat each other, and the overall purpose of our home as a base for serving God and others. Both my husband and I seek to live for the glory of God and that truly resonates throughout the atmosphere of our home.

As the God-ordained keeper of our home, I believe it is possible, and valuable to enhance the faith we hold so dear through the avenues of homemaking. I like to create an atmosphere that enhances the beauty, grace, and love shown to us by our Savior. I want my children, my husband, and all who come into our home, to feel surrounded by warmth and peace, that relates to a home that follows God.
Just like certain senses like bad smells, loud noises, and pain can cause the spirit of a person to become troubled. I do believe it is possible to use physical senses of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell of our home to enhance the spiritual blessings of grace, peace, and love we have recieved from our Father. Home can be such an incredible tool to minister to the soul!