Flax Puffs

Flax is an incredible seed. It is rich in Omega 3, fiber, protein, vitamins, lignans (which help prevent hormonal related cancers like ovarian and breast cancer), B vitamins, copper, and magnesium. I think flax is greatly undervalued by many health enthusiasts. It is gluten free and low carb as an added bonus to those with dietary concerns.

I try to incorporate flax in our family’s diet as I am able. I add it to muffins, bread, oatmeal, and make these lovely puffs to stuff with strawberries and cream or salads like chicken salad.


1/2 stick butter (4 Tablespoons)

1 cup water or milk

1 teaspoons salt

1 cup ground flax (I buy whole golden flax seeds and grind them as needed in my coffee grinder)

4 eggs

Directions to make choux pastry puffs:

1) Melt butter on stovetop

2) Add water or milk to melted butter

3) Bring milk and water/milk to a simmer

4) Add salt and flax flour and continue to cook a couple minutes until a thick, gummy paste forms

5) Beat 4 eggs together

6) Slowly mix eggs and flour mixture together with a hand or stand up mixer until a thick, somewhat shiny batter appears

7) Bake at 400 15 minutes

8) Turn oven down to 350 and bake 15 minutes more

9) Cool, and then cut off tops and scoop out moist centers

10) Fill the puffs with favorite salads or desserts, or eat hot with raw honey

Depending on size, I usually get about 8-12 puffs from this recipe.

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