Why I Make My Own Brown Sugar

I will begin by stating that I have never used light brown sugar. Dark brown sugar is superior in taste, texture, and is a few more minerals than light brown sugar. Honestly, I was raised on the dark stuff and am pretty adament about its superiority in the world of sugar.

So, we moved across country almost four years ago. Up to that point, I purchased dark brown sugar reasonably at our grocery stores. Then I went to buy dark brown sugar in our new location. I found it expensive and difficult to find. So, I began to make my own.

It’s easy! Dark brown sugar has a high molasses content. I buy blackstrap molasses in large containers. To make dark brown sugar, all I do is mix about one a cup the blackstrap molasses into a three pounds of granulated sugar.

So often what is more expensive is simply paying for someone else to work instead of me. Regular table sugar is cheap compared to purchasing dark brown sugar. Blackstrap molasses is also on the cheap side, especially when purchased in bulk as I do.

Blackstrap molasses is rich in minerals and antioxidants. In fact, if a person is to use any form of sugar, blackstrap molasses is probably the most nutritios sugar available. Tablespoon to tablespoon, blackstrap even trumps raw honey in its wealth of antioxidants and minerals! The more blackstrap in my sugar, the more nutrients rich it is. I even like to go even a bit darker than what I can find at the store. Too much will make the molasses flavor overbearing, but I certainly go as dark as I can with each batch I mix.

Dark brown sugar contains moisture. When added to a recipe like cookies or brownies, instead of being dry, the result is a chewy, moist texture.

Dark brown sugar is key to making mysteriously flaverful baked goods. A recipe of Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies becomes stunning when the dark sugar is added…home-made granola bars…blonde brownies…cakes…muffins…coffee cake…cinnamon rolls… Nothing store bought can compare with the flavor dark brown sugar brings to baked goods made from home.

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