Tilapia Salad

This recipe is simple and makes a great, low fat, high protein lunch for one person.

1 Tilapia-poached in water (I boil mine right from the freezer for 4-5 minutes, then drain the water-the fish should simply flake into melted goodness)
2 chopped green onions
2 chopped celery stalks
1/2 c. Nonfat Greek yogurt
3 triangles laughing cow cheese
2 t. Garlic powder
1 T dill
1 t salt
Sliced tomato

1 Slice sprouted whole grain bread or two Wasa crackers

Mix the onions, celery, yogurt, cheese, garlic, dill, and salt into a salad mixture. Add drained, warm tilapia and mix.

Spread on bread or crackers and top with a thin slice of tomato.

I enjoyed this for lunch today with a side of fresh papya and spinach topped with balsamic vinigar. Healthy, easy, and delicious.

If you are unfamiliar with tilapia, it is a mild flavored white fish. It is low in fat, compared to salmon which is a fattier fish. I buy mine frozen and keep it in the freezer, simply because frozen fish is more affordable for my family. The flavor is so mild, it would probably suit the pallet of more fussy fish eaters. Yet the fish is rich in healthy omegas our bodies all need.

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