Peanut Butter Play Dough: For Grown-Ups too!

3 ingredients:

4 cups ground oats (oats can be easily ground in a blender, coffee maker, or food processor)

1 cup raw honey

1 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter-sometimes a little more or less. I use a natural unsweetened version so my peuanut butter tends to be more runny than a brand with sugar added, that does make a difference in the amount of peanut butter.

Mix ingredients together, a hand mixer makes is quick. Add more peanut butter or honey to reach desired dough texture and sweetness.

This is a simple, healthy, and fun lunch or snack for little ones. My children love the adventure of being allowed to play with their food.

I love to use this recipe on the go too by rolling the dough into balls. It is a great afternoon snack for growing bodies too.

For grown-ups chunky peanut butter can be nice, raisins or mini chocolate chips can also be included. I have even rolled the balls in coconut at times. It is truly a great base for experimentation.