Scrambled Egg and Zucchini Bowl


2 eggs (my protien)

1 cup zuccini noodles (veggies)

2 T. Coconut Oil (healthy fat)

1 T. Nutritional yeast (seasoning and nutrition)

1 T. Garlic- dried granuals (seasoning and nutrition)

Salt and pepper-to taste (seasoning)

Papprika (garnish and seasoning)

1. Heat oil slightly and add zuccini and seasonings

2. Saute zuccini a few minutes and drop in eggs-scramble together until eggs are done

3. Scoop into bowl and dash with paprika.

Enjoy hot!

There are many good reasons to eat a savory, veggie laden breakfast. For me, it is simply a good way to increase my nutrient intake as well as provide blood sugar stable energy for my morning.

As I have posted earlier, I make a lot of bowls for meals. Breakfast is no different, but my protien is usually a couple eggs…sometimes cooked salmon (yes, I am one of those people).

This breakfast style bowl is so versatile. A few slivered almonds or sesamee seeds…yellow squash along with the zuccini noodles, a chopped fresh tomato…too fun to experiment! I recently posted a template for creating meal bowls. It could be helpful as well.